Apr 4, 2014

Matty Goes to Washington

Sixteen years ago yesterday I was at the White House meeting click willy President Bill Clinton, as a member of the olympic and paralympic team for the 1998 Nagano Games, and yesterday I was again in Washington DC, this time on capital hill having breakfast with Senator Durbin, meeting with Senators Crapo and Risch regarding Medicare audits and the prosthetic profession. Strange how things change, and how they stay the same. I dont think I got much more sleep this time than last time, but I sure didnt enjoy being awake so late this time as much as sixteen years ago.

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Location:Washington D.C.

Sep 22, 2013

Home at last

After a disappointing race and 10th place finish at worlds and then a tradeshow in orlando I am finally home. Not the race i wanted, just didnt have the legs for the pace, but that is racing. It's good to be home in Boise!!

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Sep 18, 2013

My Apologies

After a few days of letting the results of world championships soak in, I wanted to issue a formal apology on behave of myself to the other members of the US squad, staff, family, and sponsors. While my race specifically wasn't a complete embarrassment, this apology relates to the entire season. My race was fair at best, if not a bit flat. I put the time into training, however, I realize just how much needs to change if I am going to take my racing to the level its needs to be. I am aware of a number of changes and improvements I could have made, none of which I implemented. My failure was the months leading up to the race, and this is an area I have typically done well with. I usually can relax come race day knowing I have done all I can do to be ready, but this time around, I have to say that was not the case. I already knew I would have to reach a new level to remain competitive, but knowing it does not equal doing it. I put in the training time, but it needed a fresh approach, enthusiasm, desire, and inspiration. My training put simply, was uninspired and more like going through the motions. And that is not how world titles are won. I think I can speak for all the US athletes in saying we now realize just how competitive this sport has become and will be. And while my future in the sport is still unclear, the next few weeks will sort that out, I can assure everyone that has helped me along the way, I wont just go through the motions again. Going thru the motions, mediocrity, and half assing it have no place in elite sport, and especially while wearing a Team USA uniform. This is the first time in a long time I am on the wrong end of experiencing the meaning of one of my favorite quotes; "to give anything but your all is to disgrace the gift", Steve Prefontaine. I already know that my racing career has an expiration date, if the end hasn't already arrived, its coming soon, which makes it more painful to not have put everything in this season. I seem to have let it slip by, hoping that losing wouldn't recognize me. There wont always be "other days", and I didn't forget that, but I didn't act upon the knowledge either. This brings me to one of my other favorite quotes, "dream as though you will live forever, live as though you will die today". GO USA

Sep 15, 2013

World Championships London

Safe to say race day did not turn out how I would have like. I ended up finishing in 9th, which by far my worst result at worlds. Luckily I really did enjoy the race, and racing hard, despite suddenly feeling like Brett Favre in a Vikings uniform, feeling as though I may have stayed around too long, watching my most recent pass get intercepted. I'd like to say I had a flat tire, or was attacked by a bear mid race, but that was not the case. I simply could not go fast enough to stay with the leaders. Im sure I gave up too much on the swim, and could not seem to be able to go hard enough, long enough on the bike to gain back the time. Then on the run, I was able to see where everyone was at ahead of me, but the legs seemed unwilling. Nevertheless, I had a solid race, just didnt seem to have what was needed. I knew I would have to have a near perfect day to be in the hunt. I seemed to struggle all year to get my form, and while I got some glimpse of the speed I wanted, it didnt materialize as needed. It was a great race, and a good course, the the bad weather really wasnt a problem. Now we will see what this means for continuing. My long off seasons are no longer possible if im going to be competitive, and anyway, I am unwilling to have to lose as much weight as I have had to, which means I will need to keep it off.... IF im going to continue to race. I will also have to adjust my training, what i have done the last two years has left me without enough gas for the entire race, something I would need to remedy. I would like to blame age, but I really dont think that is it. I just dont think I put enough of the right work into my training. I do need so much more rest then I used to, but I dont think that is really the problem. It was a good day for the other american, Mark Barr, who got third. My hats of to his improvement. He has continued to get faster, something I failed to do this year. Retirement? Who knows, for know I will enjoy a glass of wine, and hope the pain in my legs goes away soon.

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Sep 10, 2013

Ugly bits

Here is the last stretch of road on the race course, little more enjoyable today than im guessing it will be friday.

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Early morning in Hyde park

Sun peaking out over the Serpentine in Hyde Parkin London. A nice ride on race course.

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Sep 9, 2013


Greatest cabs in the world here in the uk! Roomy, versatile, just make sure and ask if they take credit card before getting in.

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Ain't nobody got time for kankles

Arrived in London with my @zensah compression sock. No kankles, or is it cankles, for this guy! Old guy like me needs all the help he can get.

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Sep 8, 2013

Wrestling back in!

On a rare move, the IOC got it right and put wrestling back in the Olympics! Now work on getting some of the dumb crap out!

"To give everything but your all is to disgrace the gift" PRE

Last workout

Before the airport I did one last tune up work out. Nothing serious, a great morning, and nice location. Gotta love training in Boise

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On the way

Next stop... London! Fish n chips, pubs, and the tube.

"To give everything but your all is to disgrace the gift" PRE

speed cometh, speed goeth

did my last longer tempo run thursday prior to worlds. it is obvious I am in need of rest. yesterdays track workout wasnt too bad, got a glimpse of some speed that i will certainly need. then it abruptly vanished on this mornings run. still got some kinks to workout, but mainly, this old man needs to recover.

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Sep 5, 2013

why marry your best friend

I had a hard time getting going for my big workout on Sunday, but as I finally got to heading out the door, Angie (my wife), gives me a kiss and says "dont be a "p***y". Not exactly a Herb Brooks speech, but its just what I needed after dragging ass for too long that morning.

We joked, that getting married could be a curse of sorts relative to racing, seems athletes struggle to win after getting married. but even if this is true I cant imagine doing the last couple years of racing without her.

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Aug 30, 2013

Who whistles for a bear to "come here"? this guy


I wrote a few days ago about a possible bear sighting on my early early morning run. I was within 15 feet of it before it turned and ran in the other direction, at first I thought it was a dog and even whistled for it, but then a different view told me it was no dog. I think I wouldnt have even seen it without the full moonlight. the article above confirms it was a bear, and that I am lucky!

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Aug 28, 2013

The Last Starfighter

"Hear that you slobs, I'm famous". Knowing this line from the 80s flick The Last Starfighter is more than enough proof that Im a nerd, but I'm confident I am still operating anonymously, not famous, or even almost.

A article came out on ESPN.COM yesterday (link below) about my tri career, my old age, and my thoughts on paratri in Rio. I am usually pretty good at staying under the radar, but somehow I ended up out in the open this time. Fortuantely I didnt embarrass my self too much. Thanks to Doug for writing a great article and thanks to all the notes of support from friends. I have really enjoyed the journey, and feel pretty lucky to be able to do as much as I have, this has been in large part because of amazing support from my folks, brother, and wife Angie.


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Did some bike fit tweaks with Tom at WobbleNaught last week on the new bike. Dialing in the fit, and equally important working on the pedal stroke. The adjustments produced near immediate improvements. With help from Tom and Robert Hoene at Bob's my cycling is improving. Now its just up to me, no more excuses with their help. Bib swim bike brick today so we will see how it goes.

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race update

I never posted any info on the sprint race in Emmett. Went pretty well, not amazingly fast, but getting stronger, came out of the water in the top ten of age group, finished race overall in 35th I think. Gave up too much in T1, and still not quite there on the run.

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Location:Emmett, Id

Aug 24, 2013

Is that a dog... or a BEAR!??

woke up early on thursday morning, and rather than lay there and waste awake time opted to do my run even though it was only 4am. as i was running up the road into the foothills i saw a large black blob on the right side of the road, walking toward me. unsure of what it was i tried to "puff" myself up and growled at it just in hopes of warding off a large, potentially aggressive dog. apparently im scary, and it turned around and started running up the road in the same direction i was. as it was veering from one side to the other trying to get into the brush through the ditch it noticed a view that made me stop in my tracks. the running style could be a dog, a big dog, somewhat clumsy looking. and a dog is what came to mind first, but now, from a little distance behind i now got a view of just how wide this "dog" really was, and i dont know any dogs that are this big. it continued up the road and out of sight and i eventually heard it go into the brush. at the same time, the moonlight allowed me to catch another animal running along the hillside on my left. What the hell is going on is what i was thinking at this point, and i also thought about what the headline might be once my body, or what was left of it was found. once out of sight i continued my run, and soon saw the animal to my left, watching me go by, trying not to be seen and then eventually it ran back to where i had saw it originally. this was of great relief, greatly reducing the risk of being between a bear cub and mom. eventually i finished my run, but the extra stress and lots of extra sweat change the dynamic a little. most important, no bear mauling headline: Elderly Cripple Killed by Bear While Running Way too Early in Morning. I cant say for sure it was a bear, but im not sure what else it could be... It was BIG.

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Whine or wine

but it hasnt been all misery lately, my whining just makes it sound that way. I celebrated my one year anniversary with Angie a week ago up at the cabin, celebration included some good food and good wine from A'Maurice.

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Metaphor... i hope

this is the street sign where I take a left turn and then u turn on my bike run brick repeat workout. Im hoping this is represents more than a street sign on september 13th. although right now, it could read Pain and Suffering Ave.

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new workout

here is the site of one of my new workouts. anything to get faster.

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Define Hypocrisy

I have had this pic for a few weeks, but hadnt posted it yet. post workout i am taking a java break and getting some pics posted. this pic is the definition of hypocrisy. this is me parked and ready for my bike run brick repeat workout. and yes that is in a handicapped parking spot, and yes, im ok with that.

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support #3

and still on support, here is another longtime sponsor, Scott Bikes, fastest and lightest in the world. between Scott, and wobblenaught and robert over at Bob's they are keeping the bike rolling fast, now its up to me. and the new bike looks so good on the truck with Cota

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support #2

and sometimes support is wonderful sponsors, in this case i will mention Smith Optics, i have loved the glasses for years, as a skier and as a triathlete, they also work in my other life on patios. they even have a new design for Cota

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support #1

support for racing comes in a variety of ways, verbal and emotional, meals cooked, laundry, and sometimes its as simple as bringing a leg needed for a workout, when it was forgotten at home

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Aug 10, 2013

seriously racers, relax

todays race in emmett brought up one of the funnier things i witness at races. the breed of racer that that takes race day soooo seriously. yet, by the looks of other things, doesnt seem to take training quite as seriously. i was asked earlier this week what my "strengths" were over the years. im not sure how to classify it, but my fear of losing, or more importantly my fear of not being able to give my all, is what pushes me in training. my training, is serious. i fret about not training enough, i stress about if im training right. i am neurotic, tense and at times very hard to be around. but by race day, i am glad to not be doing three a days, glad to not be so sore, and anxious to race. most of all i know that come race day there isnt a god damn thing i can change about my training now, so i might as well put my cards on the table and see how much fun i can have. so fellow racers, if you arent taking training seriously, or even if you are, come race day, relax. the only real concern is where the nearest post race beer is.

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i may be getting older, and needing to rest more than ever, but I am getting wiser. expecting to fully ready for training tomorrow. so recovered, it looks like i have two legs, haha

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Racing again

Back in emmett idaho for my last pre worlds tuneup. Solid race, but not amazing. always a well done race and weather was good too. a nice highlight of how far i once again have been able to come, but also, how much work will need to be done before september 13th. seems like its been a while since my last race, doubt worlds will seem like such a gap.

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Aug 9, 2013

dichotomy defined

This is the two parts of my life functioning at exactly the same time. I picked up some vegan meal replacements as part of my final weight loss push towards worlds, yes, i have an issue with tasty food, and while I was checking out I see a magazine that looked interesting. One featuring of all things on the cover.. fried chicken.

Jul 17, 2013

olympic boycott?

Lindsey Graham wants us to boycott the 2014 games in Russia? guess its easy for someone who doesn't do any work to have so little regard for athletes that have worked most of their lives for a chance to represent the USA at the olympics. On behalf of the athletes training for Sochi in 2014 and those that had their dreams taken from them in 1980, F&%K YOU Mr. Graham and all the other worthless bureaucrats who think punishing hard working americans to make no point is a good idea.

"to give anything but your all is to disgrace the gift" PRE

Jul 16, 2013


thankfully meals are made for me this week at the otc, means more rest time.

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Im No Fish

I don't think I have ever felt like I needed to puke during a swim workout... Until today.

"To give everything but your all is to disgrace the gift" PRE

Jul 15, 2013

A tip I learned years ago

Never walk when you can ride never stand when you can sit and never ever take the stairs

"To give everything but your all is to disgrace the gift" PRE

Location:E Boulder St,Colorado Springs,United States

One down

First swim workout done. Now plenty of eating

"To give everything but your all is to disgrace the gift" PRE


One More Day in the Sun

Ok, its a week, or a season, not a day, and its pouring rain, nevertheless Im back at the OTC in Colorado Springs for another training camp. Looking for some group training to get me past my latest plateau.

May 30, 2013

Loving coach class


Jun 21, 2012

I have been playing with my schedule lately, trying to find a way to reduce the stress and the running in circles but still get enough training and work. This is the biggest struggle. One thing I have to remember is to be present. At work? Then work! Training? Train! Family? Be present. Everything can be done in shorter intervals with more intensity, race and life. Lolly gagging thru a long workout only barely gets you to the finish line, as does lolly gagging thru life

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Jun 16, 2012

Doctor bob

Every so often there are people that show you how good people can actually be, one of those, dr bob recently passes away. Im sad to hear the news and my heart goes out to his family. We will all miss your dad Jess.

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Endings beginnings

You think there will be other days, and sometimes there are, where others times not so much. A different experience this time at the OTC. A different person, sport, experience. So much more perspective. I feel for those whose athletic careers end so early and so sudden, I have feel like I have felt the quick ending even though I got a good run the first time, and now..... Who would have thought at 37 I would still or ever be a triathlete

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“The only good race pace is suicide pace, and today looks like a good day to die.”

Steve Prefontaine

Location:N Meade Ave,Colorado Springs,United States

Recovery day

After a tough day on the bike and a brutal "recovery" run we had a day to catch up on rest. Morning strength and flexibility, then a good swim workout and then a hike

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Location:N Meade Ave,Colorado Springs,United States

Jun 14, 2012

Camp at 37

Couple notes from training camp. One, I missed my bed or at least a good bed from the first night. Two, I have refreshened my appreciation of good shower facilities. Three, energy gels can go bad, oh yes, yes they can. Four, hill climbs are the best rides.

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Location:E Monument St,Colorado Springs,United States

Jun 12, 2012

Time flys

I am catching my ride to the OTC for triathlon training camp, 13 years after being here as an alpine skiing

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Location:E Monument St,Colorado Springs,United States

Jun 8, 2012

the Comeback is official, at least the attempt

After 18 months of being away, and I mean away from triathlon I am back at it. I recently got 2nd place at US Nationals in Austin. While it wasnt fast, it was respectable and got me over my fitness hump I had been struggling with. I am training full time, back to the 3 adays, and mostly going well. More updates to follow as it have until October 22nd to get ready for Worlds and my attempt at #6!!

Jun 5, 2012

trying to get this to work

Sep 11, 2010

5 times the charm

It was rainy and somewhat cold for race day, and the water in the pond was a bit chilly. Just right for someone who doesn't race well in the heat. Quite a bit of whining was going on around the T1 before the race, but I am not sure why. We swim first anyway.

I had a great cannon ball of the pontoon to enter the water and warm up. I felt great. Relaxed, rested, and the feeling that I have done what I can. Now we hope for a good day. I started strong in the swim, quite hectic with bodies everywhere. By the first turn i had relaxed and settled down until reaching the second turn where I sped up to a harder pace that I held until the water exit. I exited with no problems, Angie was right there to hand me crutches, and then she helped strip my wetsuit as the swim exit was a little under staffed. Good thing we practiced stipping me eh Ang?

My T1 was ok, a little fumbling, but solid. My bike felt good and right away I was gaining on a few people. Right before the first turn I saw Pfiffer from France and liked the gap, not too big. I saw him at every turnaround but was unable to close the gap, but I didnt see anyone else.

At T2 I made my way through the slop, having a smooth transition, best all year. As I was exiting I could hear Beeson and Angie yelling hard, which gave me the impression I needed to move my ass. Once on the run, my legs were ok, but not great. I kept waiting for them to improve, but they really didn't. I moved from fourth to third in the first quarter mile, then by the halfway point from third to second and I could see Pfiffer in front of me. the point to point run was a great run to be the hunter with a clear view of the finish and the competitors ahead of you. with about a half mile or so to go I passed Pfiffer, I could hear him try to speed up, and I sped up a little more hoping to drop him. I never looked back and assumed he was not too close. I crossed the bridge to the finish indicating the last 400m to go. A left off the bridge, then a quick u-turn into the finish. as i was nearing the finish Pfiffer was making his left off the bridge. Not as far behind me as I would have liked but far enough.

It was the closest race we have seen in one of the largest fields of AK amputees, and while my run was slower than I hoped my bike was faster. Had I needed to I certainly had more in the tank. after the finish, Pfiffer and I got a picture. Hard to believe the big guy on the right is the one that one.

Sep 9, 2010

resting and ready

Yes, I lost in New York, and then a week later I lost in London, to a different triathlete, so things were looking a little bleak on the repeat front. But I did know that I was not in top form for either race, and I did have at least six weeks of training to fix the issues. I may take my off season too seriously, and I may start training late, but once I am training I am hard pressed to believe anyone trains harder. I saw increases in speed and stamina quickly and I even had a decent time at the Emmett Triathlon. Down the stretch I had good training and brick workouts and really enjoyed training for the sprint distance. By the time tapering was to begin, I was very ready for the rest. My body was starting to really feel the effects of the training, and my schedule had not been permitting as much rest as I would like to have. Once I go into tapering, it is a great feeling to know you need the rest, and it helps me know that I have done what I can do to prepare for the race, and I can just rest up and hope I have a good race day.

Sep 7, 2010


It will be a long travel day to Hungary. Leaving dc at 3 after a mistake on departure airports by ME! Hard to believe I travel a lot after this one. Then a few hours at JFK before the flight over the pond. Right now I am doing some work and correspondence. Later, movies and bad plane food


It has been a long time since my last post. I kept meaning to post more, and I will do some updates of past events before worlds. But right now, well, how bout those broncos?! An inspiring effort from the blue. I'm glad I got to see it. I will take that with me.

Jul 20, 2010

Back In London

Straight from NYC to London after the race to lick my wounds. I've worked I've rested and now just getting ready for the race on Saturday. A super sprint so this will ne very interesting. Thankfully it is much cooler than New York. It will be a glimpse at what the sprint race will be like in Budapest.